Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime?

This book is about Noah, a knight who dares to defeat the dragon who has been terrorizing his village. He travels great distances to find the special items that will help him defeat the dragon for good, and along the way he discovers things about himself that will aid him in his quest to defeat the powerful dragon.

What helped Noah defeat the dragon?


A sword made of shimmering crystal?


A protective shield made of bright copper?


Or was it a bucket of water thrown at the dragon's mouth?

Noah didn’t need the sword or the shield to defeat the dragon. His strength was his weapon and his bravery was his shield. Noah faced his fears and became the brave knight by overcoming adversity through his journey. 

One Author, Many Skills

This book is based on the journey of our beloved child Noah; a sweet boy who fought cancer with much courage and grace. He had an innate ability to uplift those around him, and in the midst of the hardest battle for his life, he found a way to teach his family and community the most important lessons in life. He taught us the meaning of strength, acceptance of what is, the power of being present, and throughout the many tests he strengthened our faith in God.

The Lessons of Noah

Noah was an extraordinary boy who loved to laugh, play, read books, and his favorite place was thebeach. He loved the mountains and was always down for a new adventure. He loved all the small things that life has to offer and during his five years of life he endured more hardships than most of us, yet with every new hardship Noah found another reason tosmile.

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Mia Luna

I love listening to Noah’s brave book and how he saved his village before bedtime. The story is fun and I love the drawings.


Noah beat the dragon! I love this book and I love Noah! 


Overcoming the Loss of a Child

My name is Maria and I am Noah’s mother. I wrote this paper while going to school for psychology and hope it can be beneficial in the understanding of grief and how parents cope with the death of a child.
The goal is to unravel the grief process and the transformation occurring after a child crosses to the other side. 

The fundamental questions that will guide the research are: how do parents recover from a child’s loss because of cancer? What is the most significant change that occurs in the life of a parent after their child dies? 

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The Gift Of Noah: Three Transformational Lessons

On October 10th, Noah made his crossing to the other side. I was shocked by the number of people Noah touched and help transform. I received many messages and letters from people saying they watched Noah’s journey from day one and profoundly altered their view in life. One message specifically touched my heart; it was a mother saying that our family had inspired her to become a better mom to her two daughters and change her perspective on what matters most in life. Noah taught humanity many things; among the lessons are:

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