About Eric Capone

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Eric Capone is an artisan, composer, football instructor, and author of children’s literature hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. He commenced his literary journey as a tribute to his departed son, Noah, who serves as the central figure in the esteemed series of books titled “Noah the Brave.”

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His son Noah served as a wellspring of inspiration, urging him never to relinquish his aspirations and instead, craft art from life’s adversities. “Noah The Brave Knight” marks the inception of a series, for Eric envisions unveiling “Noah The Brave Astronaut” in the forthcoming year of 2023.

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Eric’s purpose is to embolden the younger generation, instilling in them the courage and fortitude to confront life’s challenges with unwavering resolve.


Eric dedicates his day to laboring on the creation of the “Noah The Brave” series, composing and recording harmonious melodies, and providing guidance at a prestigious soccer academy. His aspiration lies in imparting to young minds the invaluable wisdom that Noah bequeathed, centered on the virtues of tenacity, fortitude, and bliss.

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Eric’s ardor for soccer blossomed during his formative years, and today, he dedicates his efforts to nurturing budding talents at the esteemed Phoenix Rising Soccer Academy, guiding them toward achieving the pinnacle of their athletic capabilities. Moreover, he imparts the invaluable wisdom of empowerment, equipping them with the mindset necessary to conquer apprehension and self-doubt. Eric’s distinctive coaching approach has proven instrumental in enabling numerous young aspirants to realize their utmost potential. To him, the sport of soccer serves as an avenue for imbibing lessons about life, resilience, and profound philosophical insights.

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Eric, a virtuoso in the realms of music, serves as a singer, lyricist, composer, and producer, residing gracefully in Gilbert, Arizona. His musical journey commenced in the tender years of his life, an endeavor he has ardently pursued without cessation. Following the poignant event of his child’s crossing, Eric embarked on a creative odyssey that culminated in the birth of an opus titled “The Ride.” This magnum opus serves as an ode to existence itself, inviting the audience to savor each moment with utmost mindfulness, for therein lies the profound beauty of life. In mellifluous verses, he harmoniously weaves tales of releasing the shackles of the past and confronting the apprehensions of an uncertain future. His compositions resonate with the essence of being fully awakened, a profound embrace of the present, and the celebration of life’s exquisite journey.