7 Best Children’s Picture Books About Courage and Bravery

Best Children's Picture Books About Courage and Bravery

Have you ever wondered how a single story can spark courage and bravery in a child’s heart? Children’s books about bravery are not just stories spun from imagination; they are powerful tools that can shape your child’s future. Children’s books about courage have the power to transform your child’s character and instill life values while igniting their inner strengths. As the young children delve deep into these powerful narratives where protagonists face struggles, they embark on a transformative journey and learn that all their fears can be conquered, challenges can be faced, and dreams can become a reality.

Reading children’s books about being brave can have a profound effect on a child’s psychological and emotional development. These narratives provide a safe space for children to explore their fears, empathize with characters and witness the process of making brave choices. Picture books about courage can help children grasp the concept of resilience and discover that setbacks are stepping stones toward growth. These narratives also foster discussions between parents and children about real-life challenges and the importance of standing up for the right cause.

If you are looking for the best children’s book about bravery and courage, you are at the right place. The following seven literary masterpieces will help your children learn timeless lessons that will help them embrace the world with unwavering courage.

1. ‘Noah the Bright Knight’ by Eric Capone:

Noah the Bright Knight by Eric Capone
Noah the Bright Knight by Eric Capone

‘Noah the Bright Knight’ by Eric Capone is one of the compelling picture books about courage. This children’s book on bravery can serve as an excellent tool for parents to introduce their little ones to the idea of courage. Eric Capone will take the children on a thrilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

This children’s book about courage will take the readers into the life of a brave knight story who is set on a courageous journey to save his kingdom from the terror of an evil dragon. It is a thrilling story of friendship, bravery, and the pursuit of justice that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Noah’s unbreakable spirit, unwavering determination, and unyielding courage are the perfect recipe for a story that will leave you breathless.

The protagonist, Noah, navigates through the dangerous lands and battles formidable obstacles, accompanied by loyal friends who support him every step of the way. They embody the true meaning of bravery and friendship, demonstrating that even the smallest among us can achieve greatness through courage and determination.

This heartwarming children’s book about bravery, ‘Noah the Bright Knight’ by Eric Capone, is inspired by the incredible journey of his beloved son, Noah. The author started writing books as a way to honor his late son, Noah, who is the main character of the ‘Noah the Brave book series. Despite his battle with cancer, Noah demonstrated immense bravery and resilience that touched the hearts of those around him.

Even during the most difficult times, Noah’s unwavering spirit and positive attitude brought light into the lives of his family and community. Through his journey, he taught important lessons about the true meaning of strength, accepting life’s challenges, and finding joy in the present moment. Noah’s story is a testament to the power of hope, faith, and the enduring human spirit.

This children’s book about being brave is a beautiful tribute to his life and a source of inspiration for anyone facing their own struggles. This book is filled with heartwarming moments, and the illustrations will surely resonate with readers from all backgrounds and leave them with a renewed appreciation for life and deep gratitude. Are you ready to embark on Noah’s journey filled with courage and adventure? This children’s book about bravery, ‘Noah the Bright Knight’ by Eric Capone, is available on the Website and Amazon.

2. The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson, Illustrated by Rafael López:

If you are looking for another children’s book about bravery, ‘The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson is for you. This picture book about courage will take the readers on a roller coaster of emotions. The unique and well-known author Jacqueline Woodson gifts the readers with a powerful children’s book about courage. It is filled with poetic verses and pictures based on the themes of bravery and courage. It is a must-read for classroom settings and a bedtime read that discusses empathy and appreciating the unique experiences, qualities, and cultures of others.

3. Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische:

The author, Jessica Hische, has done a commendable job of creating one of the best books about courage for kids. This bestselling picture book about bravery encourages children to promise that they will try new things, do their best and be brave each day. It teaches one of the best life-changing lessons ‘Tomorrow, I will try my best to be adventurous, smart, curious, creative and brave, and if I wasn’t one of them, I know that it is okay.’ This children’s book about courage serves as a reminder that tomorrow is another day full of endless opportunities; all we have to do is to decide to make the day truly yours.

4. Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote by Kirsten Gillibrand and Illustrated by Maira Kalman:

It is one of the best children’s books about being brave that will take you into another world of strong and brave women. This children’s book about courage helps the readers to inspire women who have raised their voices on behalf of justice and raise their own voices to shape their future. This picture book about bravery shares the stories of ten leaders who strove to win the right to vote for American women. It highlights the journey that took more than seventy years of passionate commitment. From renowned people like Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth to lesser-known women such as Alice Paul and Mary Church Terrell – this book sheds light on all the people who dreamed big and never gave up.

This children’s book about bravery serves as a reminder that ‘Dare to be different and fight together!’ Filled with vibrant illustrations, this picture book about courage is a great way to feel inspired and uplift your soul!

5. Little Tree by Loren Long:

Little Tree by Loren Long is one of the captivating children’s books about bravery that will introduce them to the world of bravery and courage. This book is for everyone who is facing a change and transition from one phase to another. Loren takes the readers into a dark forest where a Little tree who loves his life lives. The splendid leaves keep him cool, and his life is just as perfect as he wanted it to be.

As autumn arrives, every tree begins to shed its leaves, but not the Little tree hugged his leaves as tightly as possible. The Little trees remain the same and unchanged. His leaves begin to turn brown and withered, whereas all other trees have grown up. This picture book about bravery emphasizes the importance of making important decisions and being brave. Would he be able to shed his leaves and embrace the change? It is one of the great books about courage for kids to teach them the importance of being brave and courageous.

6. Back of the Bus by Aaron Reynolds and Illustrated by Floyd Cooper:

This is one of the great children’s books about bravery which revolves around the story of a little boy and his mother. They are both riding the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, like any other day—way in the back of the bus. The little boy is busy looking at his marble roll up and down the aisle with the motion of the bus until a big commotion breaks out from way up front.

This book about courage for kids will help the readers recount the important and historical arrest of Rosa Parks at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s a wonderful children’s book about courage for teaching children about courage and the importance of standing up against injustice.

7. Shy by Deborah Freedman:

It is another best children’s books about being brave that helps the readers understand that love can push us to be braver than we have ever been. This book about courage for kids is a great resource to teach your children important life lessons. The story is about ‘Shy’, who loves birds to the extent that he imagines them flying away and hears them sing every day but only in his imagination. Until one day… he sees a real bird. Shy is too shy to meet the little birdie; would he be able to overcome his fears and venture out onto the page?

This picture book about bravery is a heartwarming and sweet read that will help shy children overcome their shyness and face the world with courage and strength. It takes bravery and courage to step out of your little bubble of shyness, and the world is yours.

In this world full of uncertainties, children’s books about bravery and courage serve as an inspiration for cultivating a sense of empowerment that extends beyond the pages. Children’s books about courage help the little minds to internalize the courage portrayed in the story leading them to confront their own fears, make important decisions and deal with the complexities of their life.

These seven best books about courage for kids are a great treasure read for your children. As a parent, you are not only gifting them with entertaining stories but with timeless treasures of lessons that will stay with them forever. Your children will cherish these lessons forever and continue to face their fears and conquer the world with bravery and courage!



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