The Gift Of Noah: Three Transformational

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On October 10th, Noah made his crossing to the other side. I was shocked by the number of
people Noah touched and help transform. I received many messages and letters from people
saying they watched Noah’s journey from day one and profoundly altered their view in life. One
message specifically touched my heart; it was a mother saying that our family had inspired her to
become a better mom to her two daughters and change her perspective on what matters most in
life. Noah taught humanity many things; among the lessons are:

  1. No matter how grand the challenge is, you can choose to go
    through it with joy for life. He fought cancer for three years;
    whether he was in the hospital or playing with his toys at home,
    he always had a reason to laugh.

    Noah is a significantly evolved soul who’s been here many times
    before. He understood that his contract in this lifetime wasn’t to
    live until he was 90 but to enjoy every second of his short-lived
    life. Even though he crossed early in life, he managed to have a
    full life of lessons and love.
  2. The second lesson is to celebrate the people and things that
    bring you happiness, living intensely, and sharing your love
    every day as it was the last.

    There were times after his second terminal diagnosis that I felt sad
    and discouraged to smile, as my fear of losing him was significant,
    and I knew that it was only a matter of time. Noah would catch me
    crying, and he would clean my tears with his sweet hands and say,
    “it’s ok, mommy, no crying.” And he would kiss me on the lips and
    expect a smile in return- and I would kiss him back and make him
    laugh right away. The doctors gave him three weeks to live after
    his terminal diagnosis. He went to live for 76 days. He played with
    his favorite toys, ate his favorite snacks, did his favorite activities,
    and never let himself down by the limitations his body showed.
    Until the very last week of his life, he was the glue and magnet that
    kept everyone smiling and well. You’d think that we were the ones
    cheering him up, but that’s not true. Most of the time, we were the
    ones being taken care of from his positivity, love, and outlook in
  3. It takes to know someone with a soul like his to awaken our
    hearts to unconditional love and God’s energy. Your everyday
    problems are meaningless compared to the love you can tap
    into and cultivate in your life.

    Noah received his first terminal diagnosis on April of 2019, stating
    he would live only five months. He lived 17 months instead and
    what kept him going was his excitement of life; Noah was curious
    and would never take for granted a single rain or a puddle of water
    on the ground. He enjoyed all the small things available in life that
    most of us dismiss in our everyday lives.



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